That ‘How To Do’ Affair 

Sometimes for me, writing is too formal and gets overly structured and arranged.  I clench and stuff starts going awry. Case in point, all my formal arranging of various materials has lead me to fussing over stuff that doesn’t feel “right,” or “fixed.” This is usually when I put the text down and move onto something else.  I’m typically frustrated and have abandoned projects for this reason.  Writing is a source of joy for me.  Why is it not working? 

Yesterday, the same thing happened. A long-time project is frustrating me. I was ready to let it rest for a good while and move on.  In fact, started two short stories with the hopes of getting my mind off the material.  

Yesterday, I had a random idea for a series. Wrote it out as it came to me. Did not try to make it formal. I needed to know the character, knew the situations, and let that be that. What I’m getting at is I got raw results with not fussing or self editing along the way.  The only thing I’d add is possibly a vice or two (drinks a little too much, self-medicates, has bouts of depression). 

So for a new series I have characters, concept, and several story ideas.  I’m going to brainstorm more ideas today, as it was fun to put them to paper. 

What did this mean for my longtime project? I looked at it, and wrote out character descriptions minus any of the fussy elements I once added to them.  I got, distilled, raw characters who I see clearer. New story ideas will soon to follow.  

This is all to say, one is always learning sometimng or repeating old lessons.  This doesn’t mean I’m free of editing, but it has a time and place. Not during the creation phase.  Also unclench. I put myself through so many changes in the story, when what I was after was a simple, direct approach.  

As always, happy creative endeavors. 


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