Late, Late Coffee and Five Sentences Minimum

So yesterday I made coffee, with the intention of chilling it in the freezer for iced coffee. It’s way too hot for regular coffee, so this was me doing something clever. This meant I waited, got distracted, and forgot I placed the coffee in the freezer. By time it dawned on me that I placed coffee in the freezer, it was late, and a nice chuck of ice. Needless to say there was no coffee consumption yesterday.  It’s alright though, the coffee’s here for today. Consumption can be a good thing.

Today is a five sentence kind of day.  There are multiple projects I wish to work on. [As I type this, I am reminded to activate my Notes app, and allow it to synch to what I placed on my phone.]  This means sitting down and writing a little here and there.  That’s not a bad thing.  I wanted to start with a blog post, so here I am ready and willing to make the best out of this day, and have that meh feeling that sometimes comes with the weekend.

Did a lot of praying and reflecting on being and doing better for myself. I do believe if you start with improving yourself, you can reach others. Sometimes it’s one little step, but that a step forward.

On another positive note, I want to wish those who are working on their projects, great progress and breakthroughs.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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