Reclaim A Story 

For some time, I’ve been annoyed by one of my stories being incomplete.  Perhaps this is a good moment to find, reclaim and revise it.  I called it a short story, but it was twenty pages, and it needs a lot of work.  The genre was a mix, but it has elements of a thriller, and I feel if I narrow the focus, I may be able to approach it stronger. 

So, I think I have a printed version in my room, and I’d like to at least look over it.  Months have passed since I glanced at it. At best I wrote out a few scenes I thought it could use, but that was months ago too. So, if I can’t make this story work as prose, I need to rewrite it as a script. Why? Why not? I like screenwriting.  A nice thriller might do something good in a different format. 

That’s my thoughts in a nutshell. Happy to write, and need to keep writing. 

Happy creative endeavors.  


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