Fool Up

Note: For some reason I’m having some text issues with cut and paste.  I’m willing to overlook this, as it fills in nicely with what I’m writing.

The term “fool up” is both regional and ethnic. It means something or someone is “crazy.” Crazy itself has varying degrees. It means any thing from silly, to dangerous.  Needless to say if you’re having some kind of chaos going, the situation or the people are “fool up,” and that’s not a compliment.

Writing has been at a crawl, but I found myself scribbling some scenes and dialog down last night. That’s always a good thing. It allows me to expand what i wrote, and there’s another scene that follows it, that’s in my head, and it disturbs me a little.  Something bad happens to people, and I’m trying to take myself out of the scene. I’ll have to face it, and write it out.

Doing some research into other literary styles, which can only inform any current or new projects.  I’m a bit of a mess, so I’ll just relax and let ideas flow.

Trying to think positive, and stay creative. Perhaps what I need is something completely out of the box, because as much as I like to think my creativity stands out, I’m pretty much coloring within the lines. It’s not bad, but sometimes I feel like the push should be to explore what feels unsafe and frightening. All of that is outside the comfort zone.

Was chatting with a friend, and was reminded about playwriting, and would love to write a few plays. Not sure of the logistics, and that’s not on the immediate pile of to do things. As another friend once said, “one word at a time,” so I gotta step up my game, even when I don’t feel that mojo going.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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