Coffee Time

About to have a cup of coffee, and get myself together.  Last week was a bit dry in regards to writing. Loved the weekend I found myself working on an exercise to write down how my characters feel about each other.  I then went to write about the arc of the pilot, and potential storylines.  

I liked thinking about the series in an overall manner.  It helped me step out of the mindset of living in this speculative (spec) pilot. I want it to work, but to see a larger picture shapes my approach.  In addition, I researched genres and watched various shows with a tehincal eye for scenes.  There are some shows I hope to peep today or inspiration.  Now I’m gonna sip my coffee and relax for a moment.  Then it’s work time. 

As always happy creative endeavors.   


2 thoughts on “Coffee Time

    • Please forgive this very tardy response. My tastes in genres is diverse. I will watch crime, procedural, action, thriller, fantasy, science fiction, etc.

      That said, I watch Game of Thrones, The Blacklist, Law and Order, Chicago PD, The Good Wife, Gotham, and a plethora of other tv shows I’ll try and see if I like, or not.

      As the new season of TV has started, I can say I watched Rosewood (procedural), The Player (action-thriller), and the Blindside (action). I’ll watch a few more episodes.

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