Today Is

Woke up far later than planned.  There is stuff to do. Found myself writing down a concept for a new story.  It’s mildly incomplete, but I love love the idea of being creative, and will go back to at least completing the synopsis.

Yesterday didn’t write the things I wanted to.  It’s like being stuck a lot, then hoping for a change.  Fortunately when I start with ideas, it means I’m likely going to be creative.  Need to keep that going.

Still job hunting and needing to revise my resume.  It’s something to keep me busy in a positive way.  I’m a bit tired of being in a slump, so getting from under that is always good.

EDIT: Let me clarify. I wrote some poetry and lyrics yesterday, and not scripts or screenplays. Was hoping for more script writing, but my mind wasn’t there.  The lyrics and poetry, however, had my attention, so I went for it. That’s a victory.

Happy creative endeavors.


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