Not Now, I Have a Headache

Among other things that happen to me, my poor head’s been aching. It’s quite the distracting,mane I don’t want to do much. Last week was me dealing with some reaction to food. All I can describe it as like someone punched my insides.  The offending food is no longer in my diet.  Noticed me improving, and the “pinching” ceased. So that’s a positive, right?

Of course Mr. headache comes along, and throws a wrench into my expectations.  It’s likely I need to drink more water.  The weather has been notoriously hot and humid, and that had me sweating and feeling awful by itself.  I need to replenish my water intake.  At the very least it’ll have my hydrated. 

Writing output has been substantially weak as I manage my health. I hate that that’s how I’ve been doing. At the same time, I feel inspired to write more. Might as well put effort into what I love. I pray that I maintain the inspiration.  We’ll see where this takes us.  At best, my time away from projects may have given them the cooling off they need.  

As always, happy creative endeavors.  


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