Thursday Goodness 

Hello World,

Today isn’t bad. Not in any aches or pains. Monitoring self and activities to make sure that I’m not in trouble.  Going to have to keep a log if the pain persists.  

Did my rewriting late last night, and it’s very unfinished.  Usually in this stage it doesn’t have the feel I’m confident in, however, that’s how it’s supposed to be. It needs completion, then I can relax. Sorta like partway in a painting, or the prep work for a meal.  The fun is just beginning.  I will say, sometimes writing brings out the worst insecurity in how the story will be resolved. However, I don’t give up.  

So, after this post, I hope to write some more and get a decent page count. The rewrites have me working harder, and that I don’t mind.  

Happy creative endeavors. 


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