Today is about getting some things together. The first one is managing some sickness.  Having some aches and pains I’m monitoring. If it persists, I have to go to the ER. It has quieted down, so its being less distracting, but I’ve gone into “cautious” mode. It’s somewhat distracting.

It’s supposed to be hotter today,  What makes it worse is the humidity.  That hot, muggy feeling serves to make a person feel miserable. It makes mobility an effort, and trying to stay cool and hydrated is a must.

Been into some heavy rewriting, and even eliminating scenes I swore was the best thing since sliced bread, however, I don’t think they help push the story forward. Perhaps the scenes could be used later, or in a different context. I’m willing to put the effort into these adjustments. In the process I’m scaring myself. was sure I had some things locked down, and it only proves, that learning of a craft is a constant process.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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