Best Laid Plans 

This is one of those days where planning is tossed to the side due to unforeseen elements. Got up, made breakfast, know there was going to be assigned writing time, and a phone call. The call ended up not happening, and after cooking and cleaning up, I’m telling myself to at least write. Let’s star with a post.  

Made a schedule in my head, as I have other errands I’d like to complete, like revising my resume, and job hunting. It all feels overwhelming, like it can’t get done. Need to one bit at a time things. What I can do shall get worked on, and surely, things will build from there. I need a plan. A good plan. Something that helps me get organized. 

At the very least, I need to get some essays written that are long overdue. It’s another thing to add to my “to do” list. Gotta manage this list properly. I always feel it’s a mess of a mess, and a mess is made to be managed.  

As always, happy creative endeavors.  


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