That Slow Morning

Yesterday was about getting up early and attending to an errand that was not escapable.  I hadn’t been up so early In a good while.  It messed with me some.  I really didn’t want to get up, but did.  Had to keep moving. I’m a trooper, and I got it done. No nap followed. I wish it did. 

Today is a little hard to get up. Was tempted to lay down Until I was tired of laying down. That’s not really how I need to start my day. One of the things to get my mind working is a blog post.  Blogging can be fun, exciting, and I’m hoping perks me up, in part. I need a cup of coffee. 

Writing hit a bump.  Should have done something, anything. I gotta go back to the five points system. That just means I have to make five new sentences.  Sometimes it’s not perfect, but at least there’s fresher writing in the file.  Do what one must, right? 

Have been watching various TV shows to see what influences the story, which does help when not writing.  Well, better shake a leg.  I have to get some non-writing stuff addressed.  Best be off and get it done, ASAP.  I guess my motto is get stuff done. 

Happy creative endeavors.  


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