Sunday and the Slumps

Hello World,

I was ready to procrastinate, when I told myself, you have at least got to put out a blog post. Help yourself, man.  That’s my rationale, and I’m sticking to it. I’ve been non-creative for the past few days as I try to get myself in order, and stressing out over stuff I have no control over. Well, as I sit across my bed telling myself I will not allow distractions, it’s time to get myself back together.

First, I made some coffee.  Need that coffee to start the day. Second, I need this blog post.  This post signifies how well I’m a get stuff done today. It an be done if I put the effort towards it. Nothing needs to be perfect, just done.

Creativity all but ran away and hid. Its time for me to find it, and drag it back in front of the laptop. I need for things to work. That overwhelming feeling did tend to negate my feelings of positivity, but this is a new day, and rather than repeat what happened yesterday. Even if all I can muster is five fresh/revived sentences, then that’s a good start to something better than where I was.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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