The Quiet Night, The Quiet Mind 

Yesterday, during the day,  writing didn’t get done.  Found myself in the mix of a few errands, lists of distractions, and no writing. I knew the task ahead of me–a few days ago I rewrote five pages for the A story in act three. I found that the next four pages needed to be done from scratch to fit with the revisions, and to be less dialog heavy. It intimidated and excited me because That get stuff done feeling done

It wasn’t untill late last night, that I went in my room and felt like I could write. Looked at the last revised five pages, and knew I wanted to trim those down. I cut more dialogue in favor of less lengthy conversations and getting to points quicker. Also I wanted more happenings.  It was a meeting, interrupted, and hijacked. Revisions never end it seems.  Since I broke that ice, after this blog post, I’m willing to tackle more pages while it’s still relaxed. 

Happy creative endeavors.  


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