Monday Awareness

Woke up to a nightmare this morning.  This seems to happen on Mondays. It’s like the start of the week must induce stress and anxietey, which must be endured.  The best solution for me is to keep busy, and focus on the things I can help.  For me, that means writing, and drawing. A new blog post is a start on a positive road.  The TV is on Cheaters, and that’s not really helping.   For the most part it is ignorable as this post is being typed. 

The weekend consisted of grilling, and making some good food.  It feels satisfying to cook, so this was a chance to prepare food in a different, yet delicious manner.  Outside was hot, the sweat was pouring, and the grill was all about heat, which cooks fast. 

Writing was a minimum during the forth. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a progress. Beforehand I worked on the first part of act three. The goal was to trim some of the dialogue and tightighten the action in the A story.  I realized the next four pages need to be rewritten to add some action to the script.  Not sure what the B and C story feel like yet.  Will determine soon if they need some shaping up. 

Still discombobulated, annoyed, and need to take the stress outta my system. Will write as soon as I can get my head straight.  A schedule is called for. Something that can give me a routine that’s daily, and expected. At a glance, my goals are: 10: 00 – 12:30, 2:00 – 4:00, 5:00 – 7:00. That was a bit random, and in part adjustments need to be made for cooking, and any time on errands. It’s all about evolution of the craft.  

Happy creative endeavors. 


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