The Monday Goodness

This is Monday, and unlike yesterday’s post, I hope to post it and not overlook it.  Yesterday was uncommonly cool.  The temps were mercifully lower, and that meant a little relaxation.  Summer is a trial of discomfort that I’m loathing, and pray I’m able to get from under.  

Writing went exceptionally well yesterday.  As with the previous post, I did write the new teaser (first three pages). As I revised it, I knew it would replace the original. Then it became four pages.  It wasn’t easy to incorporate as the story resisted, and cutting the original teaser out didnt help me. 

Needless to say my first act which was fifteen pages became nineteen pages, and it needed to get back to fifteen (goal: four acts, fifteen pages each). After daring to cut more than intended, and removing a dialogue heavy scene.  

Now today is about more writing.  Gotta keep at it.  

Happy creative endeavors.  


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