Fork In the Road

Drew this mask for the cover of a story.

Art by  S. Raynard Haynes.  I drew this mask for the cover of a story I wrote a while back.

A few days ago I posted a drawing, I call “Duality,” on Facebook . A friend, who happens to be an artist, responded to the image. We talked about the image, the art, and creativity in general. So part of the conversation was on how to become a better visual artist than I am now.  So this means doing more drawing. Right now, the medium, at my disposal is pastel, so I could make a series based on the image. I don’t mind.

One question that burns in my mind, is a choice to throw myself into art and make it my primary goal.  One reason to jump in this pool is my degree is is in Studio Art. I’ve been tried in the fine art disciplines of drawing, printmaking, painting, and photography. So there’s more than enough reason to get back into something that once brought me a lot of joy and creativity.

The side whammy, is that it puts a schism in my writing. I LOVE writing, and trying real hard to make it my primary focus. As many know, I have struggled to get this television script off the ground. I’ve written three episodes, and have been editing, rewriting, and trying to get it presentable. To get back into art, and put it first is not a bad idea, especially if I can get people to see the material, and to share more.


Art by S. Raynard Haynes This was another attempt at creating duality, but with a mask that dominates the face.

My plan is to post a bit more of my older art pieces, and if I do anything new. Expect more pastels soon. It’s the medium I can work in at the moment.

Of course, I want to do both, and possibly strike a balance between both screenwriting, and artwork. The thing is, one will dominate, and the other will be on the side.  Not because its bad, but because no one can do both simultaneously. I should have gone into sequential art, then i could have both.  LOL I have decisions before me, and I pray for answers.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

All artwork © S. Raynard Haynes


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