Thursday is a Good Day

Today is a nice day. The weather is a bit on the verge of the storm with the sun hiding. Were this winter, I think this would be dreary weather. So long as it isn’t that dreaded southeastern heat and humidity is not too bad for me.  I like to start the day with some writing. Blogging is writing. Writing is good.

Speaking of writing, I feel very blessed that I have a friend I was able to send the first act of my script to read.  My belief is that if you get the first act written well, then you’re good.  This friend really doesn’t like to sugarcoat what’s wrong with a script. If it doesn’t make sense, it gets called out for being wrong. She asks all the right questions.

At this point, I’ve put my ego aside to hear what’s not working, and fix what needs fixing. While I wait for feedback, it’s time to write something else. Revise a project, read a book. Do something.  There are a couple of short stories I’d like to make a dent in.

Happy creative endeavors.


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