Coffee and a Smile

Got up extra early today.  Not sure why. All I can say is sounds and heat snapped me into awareness. Yesterday, I made an effort to drink less sugar-based drinks, and more glasses of water.  Yes, I’m having my coffee this morning, and will have a couple glasses of water to start the day off too. Been thinking more and more water as it is typically hot and humid, and why be dehydrated and full of sugary drinks when what I need is more healthy options.  

Writing has been the same since last night.  As per yesterday’s post, I wrote out a concept, and it marinated on my brain last night. Woke up wondering why the guy would want to sleep with a woman who he hasn’t seen since high school, and did he want more than a one night stand. I came to the conclusion that this guy makes bard relationship decisions. So I know he wants the old HS crush, but what he needs to do is think about what’s truly important to him.  His obstacles are two-fold: the lady is unattainable, and he doesn’t value himself enough. I could make this work as a screenplay. 

Now to marinate more on the tv scripts. Revisions was simple, last night. Act four of episode one needs some plot revisions and rewriting clarity. Surprisingly it’s been smoother for the past few days. Will keep it up, and discuss my ideas of genre options in a different post. At the very least, I need to work with what I have.  

Happy creative endeavors.  


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