The Lusty Fiend

today was a little change of pace in regards to writing. Decided to research a little more into formatting, and improving the protagonist, and characters in general. With most stories, it’s all about bout the protagonist, and their desires, and what gets in their way. I hear this in every book, video, or article on screen and script writing.  In wiring, in general, if a writer has an idea of what your main character (AKA protagonist), you’re on the right path.  

So, now that I can digest what I wrote, I wonder do I know what my character desires? This harkens me back to knowing what a MC’s hearts desire, or their greatest fear. Whatever I think it is the desire will be denied, and the hero will ultimately confront his fears. It all seems simple now, but I remember when I first heard it, the words didn’t sink in.  

So I had this idea: think of it as a sex story. Usually the sex desire is clear in my head–story wise.  

Character X wants sex from Character Z, whom he’s had a crush on since high school. Now that he’s a millionaire, he thinks that’ll sway her to his bed.  The obstacle: Character Z doesn’t even know X is alive, let alone finds him attractive.  Furthermore she’s into waiting for months before even thinking of sex, and maintains a strong Christian background and appearance. So character X has got to get Z to notice him, and make her fall in love, and want to sleep with him.  Damn those are tough obstacles.  Why is X putting himself through this? 

Now I have to know what happens.  Clearly his ego is high, but he still can’t get the girl with his bling.  Does he just want a one night stand, or a start of a relationship? It needs more work, and sex was not as simple as I thought for a story. LOL

I will say this, I’m intrigued, would develop this, and before scripting, I’d figure out the answers to the questions I raised. There I’d find the theme, and have a viable screenplay.

That’s enough. Glad I wrote, glad I blogged, and happy to have a new idea to contemplate.  

As always, happy creative endeavors. 


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