Late, Late Posting

The past week’s been trying and a tragedy. Focus has been in short quality for the last few days. Made myself look over the revisions, I did and putting them together.  It sounds overly simple, and perhaps it shall get easier, or not. It needed to be done.  So I have updated roughly twenty-four pages, and taking a break.  Would like to have all of act two all revised and looking like its brand new.  For the record that gets me up to page thirty in these revisions.  

This revision is to knock out any plot logic fails I’ve came across, and to spruce up sections of dialogue I thought was weak.  The theme seems to be stronger, and I feel confident it’s being no reflected so far. I’ve also written stuff for episode two, so I think I can fall right into its revisions.  

Have also scribbled notes for side projects, and I think I’d like to see more of these come to life.  At least that’s what I hope to see happen. Dreams only come true when I put the effort towards them, so I better start now, while time is in front of me.  

Happy creative endeavors.  


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