Guilty Pleasure

I have to admit a guilty pleasure I enjoy watching is Young & the Restless. Yes, I have a thing for this soap opera, watch it, enjoy, and it’s fun.  Let me be fair and say that sometimes it bears not watching. The story lines can get dried up, or blatantly boring/dumb to me. I stop, and later resume watching after some time away.  I see if I can figure out who is who and what is what and watch until I get bored again.  

Admittedly I admire a drama that has kept itself going for so long. As other soaps have been cancelled, Y&R is still going. As mentioned earlier, I’m not always fond of story lines, or characters, and stop watching.  I do love the idea of watching a drama unfold, and there being this sense of heightened reality. 

Some elements on this show, or soap operas for that matter, go to the extreme. For example, some people have had reconstructive surgery that they can completely resemble another person in height, weight, mannerisms. Or having a “twin” either lost at birth, or unrelated and used in a plot to destroy the original.  It’s all part of the story world, and I love to see how it unfolds. There are relationships, entanglements, and schemes galore. If it slows down on a soap, then we’ll, it gets boring.

So maybe I like a dose of melodrama that isn’t part of the real world. A hint of fantasy where suspension of believe can be fun, silly, and enjoyable for an hour.  Perhaps it’s not a guilty pleasure at all, but rather me liking a particular style of drama. 

Happy creative endeavors.  


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