Get the Ball Rolling 

Well, writing got a nice kick last night.  It happens with the dialogue.  It flowed pretty well, and I kept writing. I’m happy with the progress, and this morning kept writing.  Of course distractions are out of the ether, and front and center, but I keep trying to write.  It dawned on me that it’s time to do a blog post, to keep myself writing as I break from the script.  

Today is hot, the AC is still moody, and last night, it all but said, “the hell with this, I’m tired.” Since I survived the night, the time should be put towards positive outings.  In other words, I must write more.  In the best way having this writing word flow means that there is positive energy being puta out into the world, and helps shame my world view, and I believe that things will improve from this act of progress.  

Yes, there are some negatives, and some of it is out of my hands, but I can’t allow myself to fall or fail because of them.  Today is a victory in spite of circumstances (yes it’s HAWT and humid–quite uncomfortable). So I will work on more scenes. I have voices to lock down in files. 

Happy creative endeavors.  


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