Shaping A World 

Yesterday was a bit hot.  The AC got extra moody, and copped out a few times. The sun was like, “see and feel me.” It was best for me to sit back, and write. The heat in the southeast is a beast. A big beast that sits on your chest, stares you down, and dares you to get up.  

Yesterday also consisted of me writing out character and archetype ideas, as well as revisions of storyline for the scripts.  Again, I fell into the trap of doing total reconstructions of my scripts. I got myself very confused, frustrated, and a bit sad. I must trust what I put on paper to be the right direction. Rewrites are for clarity, getting voices correct, and plot-logic fails. 
Today is ok.  Mellow and warm. It’s supposed to get hotter than yesterday. Rewriting is on the table. 

Happy creative endeavors.  


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