A Quick Post Flow

It’s early, and I haven’t had coffee yet. Somehow there’s time for me to write a blog post, and contemplate story ideas.  This is good. It’s hard sometimes to be creative.  

This post serves as a reminder to go write material that pushes me towards the completion of a project.  Been doing TV script rewrites, and liking few of the rewrites.  Possibly my dislike comes from the fact that latest rewrites changed the fundamentals of the story. There needs to be cohesion in what’s been done, not disruption.  I will find a way to work this out.  

Been also contemplating characters’ voices, and their personalities.  Some characters appear straightforward, yet others need change.  I believe the key to the “best” introduction shall be in how well-defined the main character’s persona is seen. Surprise, surprise, the script will need readjustments for clarity, but if I know/see/feel his or her persona consistency  the story shall have that even flow I’m desiring.  

In the past, in a critique of a different story, someone asked me how the character would react if someone bought the office flowers.  I knew immediately the reaction and the result.  I knew who that character was inside and out. That’s what I need for the this TV series.  

Also I need to blog more.  I like when I blog.  There seems to be a correlation in productivity and blogging.  

As always, to all, happy creative endeavors.  


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