A Late Night Post

Honestly, this post should have been written a while ago, but I slacked off, and now I’m here.  The only reason its being posted is gaming got a bit tedious for me.  I knew I should have stopped sooner, but it was like, one more round, and then it was like, time to blog.

Writing consisted of me adding some stuff to the TV show’s story bible.  I have an idea for improving a scene, which I should work on after this post. Still the brain has decided it doesn’t need to cooperate with me, so I have ideas in spurts, then they vanish. I suppose I’m not feeling that confident. I have to cease that line of thinking.

Stalled on the short story after making some progress, and a couple of ideas on that need to be put on paper. Despite myself, the direction feels a little shaky, which means I’m waffling a bit, and that has to change. If I could sit and focus only on one project at a time, and the rest of the distractions fall to the wayside, things might get done.

Yesterday I did spend time updating my LinkedIn page, and I will still have to add stuff to it.  I tend to share my blog posts on there, so I hope my updates are always a pleasure to read.  What I need to do is clearly define the story I’m working on, and get the first episode of the TV show rewritten. The rest of my writing projects can wait.

Let me state that as I revises this post, I’m being distracted by family, who clearly have it in mind, not to let me have this time to write.  I don’t want this to mean I’m staying up extra late.  Darn.  I’m a hot, hot mess.


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