The Roadmap

Yesterday I looked over another act of the script and looks for ways to revise. I only completed minor edits, but there’s still a lot to go. Today I need to look at the characters and see how they line up with archetypes. If anything, it will help me narrow down their personas more. For this I’m using the book, The Writer’s Journey, which does a good job of describing Jungian archetypes, and applying them to characters and stories. So I’m going to have a pen and paper moment as I jot some things down.

This is the perfect time to remind myself that I should be looking up how to write a better query letter, so that’s another thing to add to my “to do” list of get things done on the writing front.  While I remember a lot from my business writing class, I want a brush up, similar to the way I went and researched how to write a script for TV. I knew how to write one, but a refresher did wonders for my progress. I used Crafty TV Writing mainly for my brush up on writing for television.

What I did late last night was reclaim a short story (I’ll be doing a lot of that), and have the hopes improving the content, and sending it off for publication. I did find myself adding more lines to the story, which is not a bad thing.

I’ll be at least looking at The Writer’s Journey to at least get the archetypes down. I researched genre last night, as the tale overlapped in four (dark fantasy, dark comedy, psychological thriller, and psychological horror), and i want to pick one as the dominant genre. Additionally, I posed three story questions last night.

  • What does the main character (MC) want/need?
  • What stands in the MC’s way of their goals?
  • What happens if the MC doesn’t get what they need?

Answering these questions helped me better understand the stakes of the story, and put some aspects in order. I’m far from done, and it seems like a lot, and it is. I like the process just the same.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I could stand to add a bit more concrete imagery. So far I have an abstract story.


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