It’s humid and it makes me uncomfortable.  Did get some writing done yesterday.  The first act looks good with the revisions done for it. Looking over act two today.  I like it as it, but feel I need to give it another pass when that humid feeling goes away later on tonight.

Need to look at one of the short stories I wrote, which coincides with an essay I wish to write about it  That will help me put two and two together with it. Also wrote parts of a song yesterday and want to update it.  Tried to sing it, and I knew some of the words didn’t fit. I really should improve my musical skills, so I can compose better. At this point, I can make a simple harmony and sing it.

If I had a genre of music I fit, I’d likely be a form of alternate folk. I’d incorporated all sorts of sounds from island, funk, hip hop, folk, country, blues, and R&B. So that would be fun to make, but its a pipe dream. I still like to think about it some.  It’s fun, and something to aspire to without worrying.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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