This is Sunday

This is Sunday, and stuff needs to get done, and writing must happen, or I face being too serious a procrastinator.  Even worse, I give into my fears too easy. So I know some rewrites are in order, so I better get on point, or sit down and try. I don’t mind failing with the rewrite IF I place effort into the revision.  If I’m laying low, well, that’s on me for being too timid.

Last night I wrote a scene to replace the opening, however, it didn’t include the main character, and I wanted more on this new character.  Its safe to assume this new character would be the main character, and throw off the entire series. At the very least, readers would want to know more, and it would be too bait and switch as a writer to do to audiences.

My point for that last paragraph is that if I didn’t write out this scene, I would not have thought about how to improve it. I do feel like a hot mess, but I feel like progress is made by mistakes. If I wuss out and procrastinate, I don’t figure things out.

Spent the morning reading articles on making scripts more effective, and this reminds me to consult the books I bought a while back to become an effective writer. A former professor said I’m an “over writer,” and therefore my scripts contain too much details. Lets work with trimming the fat, so to speak. I don’t mind.  Will keep you posted on the results.

Today started as a non-meh day, so I’m praying that feeling stays. I’m encouraging all artists to work on their respective crafts, and keep up the progress.

Happy creative endeavors.


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