Trying to get myself together this morning, and stressing out over bills.  It’s time to do some writing.  Didn’t like all that I wrote last night, and perhaps the TV script needs me to have more objection to it.  This means working on something else for the time being.  I don’t mind.  The goal is to give the script the best possible revisions.  So in the back of my head it means I need to keep asking, “how do I serve this story well.”

In the meantime there needs to be something from my project list addressed in hopes it will make me “forget” the script for a short while. I expect more interruptions as well, which may force me to go in my room, and refuse to leave but for bathroom breaks, and snacks. I simply don’t want to afford extra distractions, which leads to me being frustrated and annoyed.

Perhaps I need to relax, listen to some music, and simply de-stress.  Couldn’t hurt, right?

Happy creative endeavors.


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