Tuesday Means “Get It Done.”

Hello, all.  Hope things are well.  If not, I’m praying we all fall into place on a stronger, healthier path. Why not? Why dwell on the negative, or negate people/events that serve only to bring us down.  We were not made for nothing, and we were not made for the doghouse. A part of my day should be about encouraging others, and the other part should be about getting things done to improve my own life. We gotta get past them woes and bad times, and believe me, things do get bad.

Need to get to writing, and before i say anything more on this, now’s a great time to reiterate the goal; To give the viewer an exciting story that will make them want to see more.  Yes, as mentioned yesterday, I was intimidated by the material, and the prospects of rewriting as it looked daunting, and intimidating.  The feeling has passed, and when I have a stronger update on the material, I’ll share.

Other stories and titles have visited my mind, and I wrote some ideas down, others have hovered.  There’s only so much one can do, and there is a hierarchy to the writing.  The only other material I worked on worth discussing is that I made a list of projects I wish to work on.  I need to reclaim that list and pic a couple of projects to start.  The reason for the list is that more organization is needed, and a little less randomness.

Remember to (re)claim your awesomeness, have faith that things shall be resolved, and stay positive.  Yes, that’s hard, and I fail at things too, so I’m not suggesting perfection. I merely want the best for you, as i want for myself.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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