Intimidation Game

Script revisions should be fun, a challenge, and one gets lost in the mix, right? it was the general fantasy I was aiming for, however, I took a turn somewhere left of Albuquerque. Into one of the storylines I knew things had to change, shorten, and the page count would drop.

That means I now have empty space. So I’m intimidated and a bit because I have to fill it with new content.  On top of that, my instinct tells me to move a scene to the opening, and push a few things back. This alters my story, and several things will have to change to make the adjustments fit.

So I spent the better part of the day procrastinating and wondering when I’d get stuff done.  This is beneath me. I can do better.  I just allowed the fear to be the center player.  So it’s back to the story, and make the adjustments so that things fit better. It’s all about creating a strong first impression with the script, and ultimately the goal is to give the viewer to have a relatively exciting time with story.

At the moment I’m looking over Bugs Bunny stories, and I don’t know if I should, as the series is meant to be serious, and here I am digesting humor. Kudos to anyone who got the Looney Tunes reference in the first paragraph.  This is where my mind’s at.

Happy creative endeavors.


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