One Goal Met

A few days ago I completed the third episode of the TV spec pilot, and dropped that mic. If felt good to finish the first round of drafts.  Mind you, I immediately wanted to edit and rewrite it, but I thought it needed a few days to cool down.  Spent yesterday working on a short story that I don’t know where its going, and I kind of like that, just a little.  I also worked on a previous short story that got weird on me (more on that later). Today I need to address the TV scripts.

In regards to the scripts, I want to go through and do a “voice” edit, and add some details/Information. Voice editing is me making sure the characters have consistent voices. A few of the characters didn’t get a stronger voice until I wrote more of them.

In retrospect I should have placed much more time and faith in my outlines. This is because part of the reason for the outline was to see where the story was going, and that some things got resolved quicker in outlines. At the very least a problem can be mulled over when addressed early. Things turned out well, and the saving grace for me is that I am going to re-read and rewrite soon.

The weirds short story:  I’ve had this one for a while.  it’s a dark tale, and I remember I removed a weird part, but it still had violent content. I put back in the weird, and elaborated. I think this changes the story, and now for the sake of rewriting with clarity, I need to know the overall direction. So this dark psychological tale is now a weird, dark psychological tale.

Happy creative endeavors.


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