It’s Always About the Story

There was a woman on TV the other day whose name I forgot, but she said something I latched onto. She said for women to “know your worth,” and to “know your brand.” While I’m not a woman, I think the goal of empowering people is a noble one, and everyone can use pick me up in their lives. She was speaking of women in the workplace getting better salaries and finding success. I, who am always looking for improvement with my creativity found her words resonating with me.

Speaking strictly for myself, getting ducks to line up isn’t always easy, but some struggles are to be expected. If I’ve learned anything about life is that we can’t control how things turn out, but rather I must strive to know and do better. Each moment must be better than the last, otherwise we all risk repeating the same mistakes over and over. Kudos to all who strive to be better than they were in life as a person, and in their endeavors. I encourage and wish everyone more strength and success n your endeavors.

The above mentioned statements had me thinking of  my own writing/artistry, and how to know my worth and brand.  It has to be always be about the story, and not what I’m doing. It doesn’t mean that the ups and downs aren’t important, but if the focus can shift to the material, and telling the stories the characters lay at my feet. It means more writing needs to get done.  This is also a way for me to put aside my own feelings, desires and woes and serve the writing with a renewed sense of purpose.

In reality, I’d love to see more projects completed at a stronger pace, and I’ve seen myself halt, procrastinate, and abandon projects for multiple reasons–which don’t matter, since the goal is to make the stories whole, not make me whole. I’m already whole.  My life and world isn’t perfect, but there are resources that shall allow me to further my craft. Its time they got to completion, and less on my dreams of completion.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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