It’s Always About the Story II

Part of knowing your worth, and specifically what I believe my worth is as an artist is knowing that I do feel I need to place more effort into the story, and less onto what I’m doing.  It sounds odd to mention this, or how to articulate the topic further, but an elaboration is called for as partly a statement, and philosophy.  I suppose it is in part, and artists statement.

The goal is to fulfill those ideas I’ve documented, and progressed via my notes and files with ideas, and partly written material. It is not a race, but rather a desire to see creativity produced past a stage where the comfort zone reigns.  There is a pure talent for creating, and writing, but the creation aspect remains the strongest.  There must be  a competent that takes the dream to the next level in what medium best suits the project.

With that said, its not about waiting for the muse to strike, having a bad day/week, or even for someone’s blessings to push forward.  The writing comes first, and must see its way to completion.  The only limitation is the mind. Rejection, and the fear of it is not the hear of why the story must go on. The story must move forward. I must move forward. Progression is the key to success.

It is also not about being a machine, or perfectionism. Its about rising to the occasion to where the talent surpasses where it once was, and has an opportunity to not only flourish, but to feel successful, strong, and taking steps to be a better artist in the world I live in. It is also about taking the power I hold, and putting it to  positive, expressive, use.  This is no chore, but a passion.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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