Semi-Cool Day

Today is one of those days where I got up, and reviewed some of the material I’ve previously written. It’s me convincing myself to open the laptop, and get that writing ball rolling today. What can i say, i am stressed, and part of me doesn’t want to sit down and think on writing. The smarter part of me knows that it’s unwise to dwell on the negative, and pray that I get that ball rolling, and not just wish it to happen.

What I did do, and don’t want to talk about it too much yet, is that I have written some essays that needs mad revisions. They are not up to par, and I’d like to take some time to get those at least uploaded to my blog, and scheduled for posting. There are also some “retroposts” I have yet to upload.

The TV script needs more work, as usual. Revisions is a thankless, never-ending job, To be honest, once I get into the mix of things, I am more than happy to do the revisions. The other stories and ideas that popped up in my brain also got some sort of file created.  I did revise a chapter for a story.  I’d love to keep at it, since it draws my attention.  I know me, I want a theme, and flesh out more cast, just so that I can have an idea where its going.

The prose story has some heat to it, at the moment, so I need to keep writing. At the very least, it gets the mind thinking about writing and continuing to write.  Also my desire to revise some of the lines of dialogue so that they are less plain spoken to a more dynamic/poetic. I kinda want to run back to the prose story.  Maybe I should transfer it out of Notes to a Word file. So long as I keep writing.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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