Falling off and on the Writing Wagon

Some days are better than some for creating. Since the last post, writing has been sporadic, and that has made me feel a bit low. It seems that crisis after crisis keeps popping up, and that feeling that they can’t be resolved arises and districts. The goal and cure, is to get back on the writing wagon. That I can do.  I have to remember to take things one day at a time. 

It would also do me good to focus on the positve, stay upbeat, and complete my goal. There are at least ten pages left of episode three to write. I’d like to see that addressed today. Yesterday I got some dialogue down for a scene. It, and another previous writing moment need to be formatted properly and added to the script. Later down the line, I will address rewrites for the first epsiode.  

As always, happy creative endeavors to all.  


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