The Weekend


It’s been a few days since I’ve written, and there have been ups and downs. First, I have been working on the TV script’s third episode, which is always a positive event. There were days where I refused to do anything but write (no video games, or much social media). Then, I had some upsets while job hunting, and trying to get myself together, which took all of the creativity out of me. At first I was worried, upset, and going through the motions.  Being unemployed is rough, and it is trying, but like I tell people, I have to persevere. There’s no such thing as laying down and giving up. So I take the bad with the good.

Needless to say, i told myself tofu that I would get back into writing the script. There were some plot logic issues, my stressed out mind seemed to work through, and I tell myself to get on top of these new ideas, and pout them to file.  By time I take a break today, I want to do a backup save, which I so need to get done. It’s what the flash drive was made for, right? Save that material, and keep me from freaking out.

I also admit to missing blogging. I seem to be feeling like I’m overwhelmed, and can’t get simple task done, but that’s not true. I can get back to blogging. It takes time and dedication, which I’ve demonstrated in spades. We are all human, and sometimes stuff happens to upset the apple cart. The good thing for all of is to dust ourselves off and try again. None of us are so easily dispatched or defeated.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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