A Warm Up

Today is the day that I do more writing than yesterday.  Yesterday was a minimum, and quite frankly, I can do better.  Sometimes pushing myself is the only way stuff gets done. So this mini-post is me waking my mind up to writing.  My mind wants to play around, and constantly suggests I goof off. If goofing off was a drug, it’d be cocaine. Procrastination is a drug.  I fall off this wagon on an hourly basis.  Glad it’s not a drug.

On that note, I need to keep the TV off Cheaters.  Love is good, but the depicted relationships are ratchet, and I find myself observing behaviors, and fascinated with why people cheat, and the reactions of both.  It’s never pretty.  I will say some of the follow-ups are interesting. Some people are repentant, others are as defiant as the day the engaged in wrecking a relationship. I suppose that’s enough to of people watching from TV today.

Not much of note happened that I’d put on my blog. There were annoyances, but when are there not annoyances? The one things that helped me procrastinate was gaming, which I should have put down sooner than I did. I did talk to some peeps.  Peeps is good. They keep me grounded. I need that.  Too bad chatting didn’t make me write more. It did make me stop gaming though.

I did get to se the latest episode of the Originals. They happen to be a very dysfunctional immortal family.  Didn’t know actress Claudia Black was the antagonist for the epsiode.  I’m assuming she’ll be a recurring cast member. I can’t wait to see the next epsiode.  A southern locale, supernatural beings, and crazy family.  I’m in.  My only gripe was when Klaus had his confrontation with his father over the disdain for him that his pops could have admitted he was disgusted with the affair his wife had all those years, and took out out on Klaus.


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