Late Night, and the Rain

It’s raining. It was slow and steady, and now its pouring down.  Its good to be inside, and out of the bad weather. Being this late, and dark, for me, being outside can be rough. I know because I used to work late, and had to drive in the rain several times in the past. It was not a treat of an experience, but something that had to be done. The best thing that can be done, for me, was to take my time, as the destination was going to be fine, if I kept my wits about me.

Did little writing today. A lot more research than expected. Looked up theme, and its uses in drama. This is the point when’re I wish I had my cinema books nearby, as they can be handy sources of information. Just made due with what I had, and that was good. At least I’m able to put a little more thought behind what I’m writing. Looking at a theme and exploring it though storylines as a cohesive effort seems daunting, but I think I’ll manage.


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