3/12/15 A Day Later

As always, it seems after a day passes, a solution comes to mind. No bad dreams last night, and I’m more mellow, and less nervous. The writing didn’t go far at all yesterday. I came up with only a few new ideas, and added some new descriptions to scenes. The way I see the past few days, is I could allow myself to have a break, but now it’s time to get back to work. Let’s face it, the writing is the good thing that needs to continue.

I know I have a couple of errands to get done, but I’d love to see myself getting at least four new pages done today. If I push myself, I can get six done. So long as I have new pages, I feel good about that. If I have to put the basics in now (simple lines), and fill them out later when it my mind is open to it.

Admittedly, I wrote a couple of blog posts yesterday, and I should add that to what I do as writing. I may or may not post one of them. I have to contemplate what I wrote out. If I re-read it I may change my mind. Who knows, it may need some revising, and it’s good to go.

In a non-related writing news, I told myself I needed to drink more water in the course of the day. If I can keep up writing, I can drink more writing. I can drink water causally but my second challenge for the day is to have at least three glasses by 12:00 AM. That’s one per hour at this moment. Just finished the first, and need to take the second. Why? I feel it’s easy for me to drink other drinks like tea and coffee, but I’d like to add water to the mix.

That’s enough for now. This blog was a good warm-up for writing for the rest of the day, and it felt good to get myself into a mood.

As always. happy creative endeavors.


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