3.11.15 The Slacker, Plot Logic Fail, and Today

I’m writing today, but for the past couple of days, the output has been the minimum. Let’s address my elephant in the room. I had a plot fail, and threw me off. I couldn’t get past that there was an issue in the story that didn’t make sense. It needed to be resolved immediately. So I rewrote a scene, and all it took was a character clarifying some points. Suddenly the plot logic falls back into place.

This makes me wonder if I have time to slack off some. Not that I didn’t write, or put down ideas, but I took some time away from what wasn’t working for me. Am I even being fair by calling myself a slacker, when all the time my mind’s been on the project at hand?

I have also been doing some writing that’s not about the TV script. Having some anxiety about projects, and it scared me. I even had weird dreams about being silenced, and held back. What the heck. That felt so messed up. Well I’m awake now, and the only way to combat this anxiety.

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