Not Feeling It


Yesterday, I was a bit bummed out, and my creative energies slumped hard.  I found, after a day of efforts to get some things under control, I simply wasn’t in the mood for looking at my laptop.  I had scenes to write, and in the back of my head, I allowed myself to relax, and close the laptop without adding to the TV script.

This act, however (pardon that pun), did not excuse me from writing. I told myself even if I handwritten out one scene, that’s what needs to be done. So I pulled out the pen and paper, and wrote out a scene. It was simple, minimal, and something.  I believe on “testy” days, I still owe it to myself to put some kind of effort forward.

I also was distracted because I watched the Blacklist. Before that, I watched the Odd Couple. Not 100% feeling the Odd Couple, but that’s fine. It was ok, and kind of sad.  The funniest part was the “accidents” that befell Felix and Oscar.  Perhaps that’s what the show needs, more accidents.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

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