A Minor Setback: The Sequel


Yesterday I found myself doubting the quality of the direction of the TV script. There was a “not again” moment that I dreaded popping up. So I gave myself the day to go through dread, and doom, and I knew that overnight I’d make up my mind to finish what I started. If it’s bad, or need or a rewrite, it happens AFTER I’ve completed it.

At first, I told myself not to be so stubborn, and just make the changes, however, I loved the outline, and this is after making multiple revisions, and figuring out how to make the format work. I didn’t just settle, I made sure the theme was related to each story in all the acts. There was thought behind what I created. To doubt it now is not what I need. It’s just worrying, and it’s blah.

I think, in my mind I want it to be perfect, so I keep revising in my head, and as I write. That’s not fair to myself. I can get the formatting correct, and I know how to put it together, it just has to be done. Allowing that fear into the room, and staying will ruin my momentum.

The only change I would remotely consider is taking a break and working on a different project. It would take my mind off my anxiety, and that’s acceptable to me. Ironically, I wrote a bunch of random dialogue, which took my focus off creative stress.

Gotta stick to the decision I made when I committed to scripting the outline. I allowed myself a day of doubt because I’d rather feel like it didn’t work on a single day, then keep revising. I’m going to take a chance on what I have in front of me.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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