A Minor Setback


I’m still writing the episode for the TV show, and of course, there had to be a complication. The page count I set up was off. I found out because tracking may pace and location within the script was necessary so I didn’t go over or under. It turns out I added an extra page where I didn’t need to, and thus threw my game off.

This meant doing a recount of how pages I set up each for each act, and the pages allotted for each story. I also needed to modify how I gave some stories more pages than others. It all has to balance out. So it’s a minor setback, and not necessarily a “back to the drawing board” act.

For the record, its always good to find these errors early on, as to not have to rewrite three scripts because of a bad page count, or story acts that are vastly off. Writing is rewriting, but not all rewriting would be fun if I didn’t figure out some stuff along the way.

Tonight’s film, Blade II has proved highly distracting. I’ve seen it multiple times, and thought it to be background noise for me. Its not. I’m watching it like I’ve never seen it before. At least I got the page count done.

Happy creative endeavors.

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