Two More Pages


Pages can be tricky, but I’d like to do, before bed, is write two more pages.  Why? Well, why not? I have some free time, and I’m a take that time for something I can do, besides loafing about.

What I said about my writing. At the moment it’s not a paying gig, but it’s still work, and I like working.  Keeping at writing helps me stay focused and busy. I like having a project to turn out.  I’ll keep working until I get it done.

I have to be honest; even though I get confounded from time to time with the process, I do love it, and always want to do more.  On a second note, yesterday’s thought was to start over.  I KNEW if I allowed myself time to mull over my frustration, and press forward, I’d clear up a few issues.

I guess my lesson is as it always has been, you gotta see things through to the end.  Frustration is a mess, but it can be beat in time and through perseverance.  So it’s a work day. An unpaid work day. But still something far more valuable than one can tell.


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