Writing 2/27/15

The saga continues as I work on the script of this first episode. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m glad to put my efforts towards writing what I’ve dreamed of completing. As mentioned earlier, it’s quite a task to get things to work in the order they should, but things are shaping up. I’m praying and keeping myself focused on the finished product.

Part of me is scared of what I’m working on. This story has gone through so many changes, and I so want it to be a completed product. I’m simply nervous, and a little afraid of what I’ve created. For this project, I didn’t even bother to play video games, or get lost in a movie. I want this to work. I can use a break now, as three hours in, and I’ve not eaten a full meal, just nibbles and snacks.

What I got done today is good. I got the page count to line up with the technical aspects/requirements. The opening, and commercial breaks (teaser and act out) are in the right place. Now I can relax a little, and think of how I can get the next part of the story down on paper. I dunno if I’m being nuanced, or simply its me being overly careful to make things work well, but I’m positive the next episode will write much smoother.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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