It’s morning, and time for coffee. No wifi still, and if it’s gonna be in this house again, it’s out of my hands entirely. That’s not a bad thing, and not a great thing either.  It reminds me that the things I want and enjoy out of life, must me from what I do to obtain them. When I’m at the leisure of others, it’s not for me to complain. Just go with the flow.

So today I’ll be doing more writing, enjoying my day.  If I go to the library, I can check my e-messages and do some job hunting.  I do miss my reg communication with peeps electronically. It was always enjoyable to reach out to people and exchange thoughts.

So let this be a moment for me, and I’m reminded that life has a way of showing us things. My optimism tells me that I shall get better. That my quality of life shall improve. Choices that are denied now, will be embraced with open arms with my personal successes and financial independence.  I’m reminded and humbled that I do have a place to stay and continue to strive to be and do better.

That’s me, ole “silver lining” Stace. Catch y’all soon. As always, happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I’m gonna write more sometime today, as I have to put the ideas I wrote down yesterday to good use. It’s fair to say I let them cool down overnight. Wanted my mid off them for a short while.

May even dare to dream up ten more ideas to add to what I already wrote. If I don’t use them for the TV series, I wish the ideas to go to other projects.


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