2/20/15 Progress

Working on some story ideas. Told myself to come up with ten of them, which sounded simple, until I say at the laptop. I got the ideas down on file. After a little break, I’d like to do ten more story ideas.  Why? Well I want several to choose from, and I like brainstorming out possibilities. Also there’s a chance something fresh may pop up.  It’s the reason to keep working on ideas.

Some fresh thoughts are percolating now. Back to the files for moi.

UPDATE: I did eight more ideas, which isn’t bad at all.  Later I may push for more.  What I have are raw ideas, that don’t 100% fit the story world, but they are sparks that, once they cool down, can be shaped into something amazing.

UPDATE 2: I have thirty ideas for stories now, that need time to marinate. I think I have a few more ideas to put down, but I need a rest.  I’m glad they were committed to a file, as opposed to staying in my head where they were perfect and there need be no action. I had to take fear off the table.  For better or worse, I have ideas.

Will eventually, after they “cool off,” pick the best three to make three solid scripts from.  Not that the others are going to be bad, but I need at least three full scripts in my portfolio.



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