Now Hear This 2/20/15

Didn’t write a post yesterday, and should have. Was working on a cold open for the first episode, as I didn’t like what I had previously. The cold open is the first few minuets of a TV show that’s supposed to get the viewer hooked on the show. It was important to run with the idea I had. It fundamentally changed the cast, in a good way. I’m not opposed to this rewrite.

Last night, had me doing revisions of my revision, and then it became imperative that it get done. I need this story to work, but it needs to be more than simply written. I need to see this entire story in my mind’s eye and treat it as if I were directing it myself. What do I need the audience to see is the key. It’s very simple: I need them to see this world and characters. It needs to be more succinct. I think I can manage, or will rewrite it to be that way.

Still no wifi for the time being. What can I say, I simply won’t have it. It doesn’t mean I still can’t write out posts, date them, and post them at a later date.


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