The Trouble with Innuendo, or Do It

I went real deep for a post, and still failed to satisfy. Had to start all over. Needed an assertive stance, and to work harder, play harder. Seek out and serve in a way to produce better results. Am I doing this right? How does it feel? Is it good here, or do I move on?

Writing and I are going on a love/hate relationship where every touch of the pen is fire and delight. Each stroke of the key strikes as case-sensitive and messy. Ain’t nobody feel like cleaning up this mess. This is me toying around with what feels like a good thing gone bad. It’s a temporary foul mood, but it shall get better.

Then, writing and I make up, and it glorious. Each stroke of pen one keys go well. Files synchronize in a harmonious fashion as thoughts flow, bump, and slide up, down, sideways, and all over. It’s deeply felt magic that doesn’t stop until I’m all spent.


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